You have been to concerts in concerts halls, on meadows, exotic locations and you think you have experienced the best. We are convinced you haven't, until you experience a concert on top of St. michael's Fortress, with incredible acoustics and a beautiful view, at sunset or under the clear starry sky.

St. Michaels' Fortress. Abowe the sea. Below the sky. 

20/6 KLAPA BONACA & Guests

Celebratory concert on the St. Michael's Fortress stage will mark 40th anniversary of Klapa Bonaca. This concert will be culmination of the successful ensemble's career, with a numerous guests to join the celebration. The songs on the repertoire „Dalmacijo, slušaj ovo“, „U lipoj toj Dalmaciji“, „More sinje“, „Daleke ljubavi“ and „Ljubav jedina“  will be a musical cross-section of an ensembles long-lived career. The concert guests are: Zorica Kondža, Tedi Spalato, Gordana Pavić on piano and Nera Gojanović. There are more suprise guests to be announced!

Klapa is a form of traditional a cappella singing in Dalmatia and it is part of Croatian national heritage. This type of singing goes a long way, and it is even mentioned by Juraj Šižgorić, famous Šibenik historian. From that days onwards, klapa is recognizable in almosr every part of the world as Dalmatian way of singing.




Last year's celebratory concert of Šibenik Wind Symphony Orchestra on the most beautiful Adriatic stage will be followed by this summer's rock performance.  One of the Šibenik's long-lived cultural institution will treat the audience with program to remember. From classic rock to the top songs currently on the charts, the orchestra will surely rock the rocks of St. Michael's Fortress!

Šibenik Wind Symphony Orchestra at St. Michael's Fortress – Rock vol. 2




Comedy Fortress Festival is an international stand-up comedy festival rooted in a medieval fortress within the renaissance Croatian town of Šibenik. It will be held on the beautiful open air stage of St. Michael’s Fortress, giving audiences and comedians the full package - a comedy festival with great shows, excited audiences, and stunning views. Swim in the Adriatic, visit nearby islands, journey through the breathtaking scenery of the national parks, taste the best-of-the-best local seafood… and in the evening enjoy in top-class comedy.
Adriatic summers don’t get better than this. Beat the crowd and secure your early bird 3-day ticket now!
Brought to you by: Aquarius Records, Fortress of Culture Šibenik & London Calling in association with SOHO Theatre



This extremely talented young musician writes, arranges, produces and performs his own songs, simultaneously playing all the instrumental parts and singing all vocals.What makes his music - fusion of diffent styles and genres - so special is a unique approach to music arrangements and harmony that have earned him critical acclaim – he won 2 Grammys for instrumental and vocal arranging of songs from his debut album In My Room.

His boundless creative energy and the ease of bouncing between instruments on stage leave the audience in awe. The best you can do is see it for yourself this summer at St. Michael's Fortress!



28/7 ZORAN PREDIN & Damir Kukuruzović Django Group

Zoran Predin's performance at St. Michael's Fortress is devoted to his close friend and colleague – Arsen Dedić. The Šibenik audience can expect the well-known Dedić's verses in gypsy swing arrangements, performed by Predin and the Damir Kukuruzović Django Group.The songs are already published on the album "Zoran sings Arsen", be sure to check it out!




The artist who lives by its art. Songwriter, author, fashion designer, but first and foremost Božo – is coming back to the St. Michael’s Fortress stage on August 7th as a part of More Than Music concert season.

Božo Vrećo is unique vocalist and performer of sevdah, traditional Bosnian songs. Characterized by slow or moderate tempo and intense, emotional melodies, sevdah is sung with passion and great emotion, which Božo transmits to the audience naturally.

He has already won Šibenik’s audience hearts by his captive performance on St. Michael’s Fortress stage two years ago. It seems the feeling is mutual, as Božo choose Šibenik to be the part of his worldwide concert tour including dates in Australia, Berlin Munich, Wiena, among others.