Revitalisation of the Fortress



Revitalization of St. Michael’s Fortress,

European Regional Development Fund, IPA IIIC - BRI



Project holder: 

City of Šibenik


Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik, Šibenik City Museum, Šibenik Tourist Board


Tomislav Krajina,

Situs d.o.o., Šibenik

Date of commencement and end of the project:

28 April 2012 - 15 July 2014

Total value of the project: 

1.666.436,16 EUR

Approved amount from EU funds: 

999.947,40 EUR

Amount of national co-financing:  

666.488,76 EUR 

Objective of the project:

General objective:

The project Revitalization of St. Michael’s Fortress aims to contribute to the sustainable economic growth of Šibenik and the surrounding region through the development and broadening of cultural tourism.

Specific objective:

The specific objective of the project is rehabilitation and upgrading of the tourist infrastructure as well as the adaptation of St. Michael’s Fortress as a new tourist attraction, which aims to create innovative cultural and artistic, educational and other facilities. The associated system of services and support aimed at small and medium companies, aims to engage them in the development and the supply of content, products and services on St. Michael’s Fortress and the area of Šibenik.

What is achieved with this project:

The project Revitalization of St. Michael’s Fortress included infrastructural works on a surface of 2600 m2, involving the construction and the furnishing of the open-air stage with 1077 seats, as well as the adaptation of the underground part of the fortress. During the project, several studies and plans were prepared (Cultural Brand of the City of Šibenik, Cultural Assets Management Plan and Development Plan of the St. Michael’s Fortress Program, among others) and the cultural offer of the City of Šibenik was presented at 3 international fairs.

Four educational programs with more than a hundred participants were organized within the project, together with a help-desk activity of 50 hours of consulting services to interested local stakeholders.

During the Revitalization project, promotional materials about the Fortress and the project were prepared in six languages for St. Michael’s Fortress and the City of Šibenik, along with a promotional video and a multimedia presentation. Panoramic telescopes were also installed on the towers. Replicas of medieval weapons and twenty medieval costumes, designed for the fortress staff, were made.

The completion of the project was celebrated with a musical and theatrical spectacle during the opening of the Fortress and the open-air stage. The Fortress was opened by the Croatian president Ivo Josipović with an appropriate speech.

What makes the project successful:

St. Michael's Fortress still continues to meet the general and specific objectives of the revitalization project - it contributes to the sustainable economic development of the city and the county and generates innovative cultural and artistic, educational and other programs, within which renowned Croatian and foreign artists from the world of music and performing arts performed on the open-air stage: Maksim Mrvica, 2Cellos, Ensemble Lado, The National, Nouvelle Vague, Arsen, Gabi and Matija Dedić, and many others.

Successful cooperation with entities in the tourism sector in the area of Šibenik and its surroundings was achieved, mainly with travel agencies and major hotel companies. Aiming to increase the accessibility and promotion of cultural events at the Fortress, we set up direct sales in electronic systems over the Internet.

All these activities resulted in excellent results in 2014, which are measured in the number of visitors (more than 110.000) and income of the Fortress. These results have attracted strong media attention, as is evident from the large number of media reports.

With this project, St. Michael's Fortress simultaneously became:

- a recognizable monument of cultural heritage in the very heart of the old town, daily accessible to visitors, which promotes revalorization and revitalization of Croatian cultural assets

- one of the most prestigious stages in the region, which organizes various cultural, musical and theatrical events, thus contributing to the image of the Republic of Croatia, and especially the city of Šibenik, as must-see destinations of cultural tourism.